The 10220NeuroLab project was born in 2015 with the aim of developing software for tennis training based on research in neuroscience, computer science and artificial intelligence. The research and development team is costantly evolving and updating. At the moment, we are working to develop software that can help us to solve concrete problems that arise in our choaching experience.


10220speculum  The software we developed is an app for Android devices and it contains:

  • hemispheric laterality test
  • divided, sustained, selective attention test
  • eye-hand coordination test
  • protocol for correction and modification of automated technical gestures
  • exercise protocol in the field of discrimination of visual stimuli and motor coordination

This software was born as a result of my studies in EEG on the activation of the mirror system in professional tennis players and it shows how the automated technical gestures can be modified through a protocol based on video observation, on reception of multisensory inputs and on imagery.

Mindful10220: our second developed software (only for Android device) is inherent to mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques. The theoretical foundations of this software are based on the mindfulness and the McLean’s tripartite brain. The aim is to strengthen and intensify the activity of the neocortex and improve proprioception and muscle decontraction through relaxation exercises.

Psytennis VR 10220: Our last project is a software developed for Oculus Rif. We are convinced that virtual reality can represent the future of cognitive and perceptive skills training in tennis, that’s why we decided to develop this software that includes a part of exercises on the court and a part dedicated to elements of tennis                 psychotherapy. You will have the chance to look at your mental processes how you’ve never seen them before!            


If you have an idea that you would like to develop, join our team! We are always looking for new projects and collaborators, so do not hesitate to contact us.