About me

Born in Pisa, on 18th June 1987

  • Degree in science and tecniques of clinical and health psychology (L-24) at University of Pisa
  • Master’s degree in Mental Science (LM-51 Psychology) at University of Turin, vote 110/110
  • Member of the Piedmont board of psychologists – number 8330
  • Major in cognitive psychotherapy at Centro Clinico Crocetta direct by Prof. Fabio Veglia
  • EMDR therapy certificate – level 2
  • Postgraduate degree in Sports Psychology
  • BFE (Biofeedback Europe) Third level certificate for using biofeedback and neurofeedback in clinical area and in sports psychology
  • National Tennis Coach qualified by FIT
  • Mental coach – 2° Level FIT (Italian Tennis Federation)
  • GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association) Coach Level “A”




  • Practical one-year training in psychology/physiological neuroscience research at NICO (Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi) in the San Luigi di Orbassano (TO) Hospital.
  • Founder of 10220Neurolab, a software research and development group for tennis and motor training.
  • Development of Speculum10220 software for the modification of automated technical gestures.
  • Development of Mindful10220 software, created for mindfulness and guided relaxation practice.
  • Development of PsychoTennisVR10220 software, that uses the virtual reality during tennis cognitive training
  • In 2016 Mental area Manager at tennis club “Le Pleiadi”, Torino (certified as Top School by Italian Tennis Federation )
  • From 2017 Mental area Manager at Sisport FCA ( certified as Top School by Italian Tennis Federation)
  • From 2018 Mental area Manager at peripheral training centers (CPA) in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta for Italian Tennis Federation
  • From 2018 Psychologist at ASL 5 in Nichelino (TO) adult clinical psychology area
  • From 2015 Head Coach of the tennis player Giulia Laura Gatto Monticone (at the moment  148WTA )
  • From 2015 I carry out the activity of sports psychologist and private mental coach for athletes
  • From 2017 I carry out the activity of clinical psychologist in a private clinic
  • 2020 Mental area Manager at Circolo della Stampa Sporting, Torino (certified as Top school by Italian Tennis Federation)
  • From 2020 Head Coach of the italian tennis player Federica Rossi
  • From 2022 member of Italian Tennis Federation mental area team.
  • From 2023 Head coach of the italian tennis player Melania Delai



  • Experimental degree thesis: “Activation of the mirror system in situational sports” conducted in EEG, tutor Dr. Irene Ghicopulos
  • Attendance at the first European sports psychology seminar “The contribution of motor imagery and action observation on sport performance: between theory and practice”, where I introduced the software Speculum10220.
  • Master’s thesis: “ Preventive cell replacement therapies in a model of cerebellar ataxia”, tutor Prof. Benedetto Sacchetti
  • Final Thesis of the course for national tennis coach FIT: “The ecological approach in programming a high-level tennis player ”, tutor Prof. Claudio Mantovani


MAIN RESULTS 2015-2021


  • In the five-year period 2015-2020 Giulia Gatto Monticone raises from number 486 WTA (at the beginning of collaboration) to number 148WTA (best Ranking)
  • 2016 Victory in the ITF 10.000$ Tournament in Galati (Romania)
  • 2016 Victory in the ITF 10.000$ Tournament in Telde (Spain)
  • 2017 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Tournament in Santa Margherita di Pula (Italy)
  • 2018 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Tournament in Obidos (Portugal)
  • 2018 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Doubles Tournament in Obidos( Portugal) w/ Giorgia Marchetti
  • 2018 Victory in the italian championship of Serie A w/USD Beinasco
  • 2019 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Doubles Tournament in Playford (Australia) w/ Anastasia Grymalska
  • 2019 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Tournament in Kofu (Japan)
  • 2019 Victory in the ITF 25.000$ Tournament in Solarino (Italy)
  • 2019 Qualification to  WTA Premier Stuttgart main draw (Germany)
  • 2019 Qualification in WTA international tournament in Losanna main draw (Swiss)
  • 2019 Victory in the ITF 60.000$ doubles tournament in Saint Gaudens (France) w/ Martina Di Giuseppe
  • 2019 Qualification in Roland Garros main draw  (Paris,FR)

1st Round   S.Kenin d. G.Gatto Monticone 6-3 5-7 6-2

  • 2019 Qualification in Wimbledon main draw (London, England)

1st Round S.Williams d. G.Gatto Monticone 6-2 7-5

  • 2019 2nd Round WTA international tournment in Palermo
  • 2020 Best Ranking WTA: 148
  • 2020 Best italian ranking: 1.4
  • 2020 3rd Round Qualyfing Australian Open
  • 2020 First convocation in Fed Cup ( Italian Fed Cup team)
  • 2020 Qualification to the main scoreboard of Monterrey (Mexico)
  • 2020 Runner-up in the WTA 125k Praha doubles tournaments (w/ Nadia Podoroska)
  • 2021 Convocation for Billie Jean King Cup match Italy-Romania
  • 2021 Qualification in WTA International Lyon main draw
  • 2021 Qualification+ 1st round won in WTA International Bogota



  • 2021 Victory in the itf 15.000$ doubles tournament in Antalya (Turkey)