Tommaso Iozzo

“Be still as a mountain, Move like a great river”

Lao Tsu
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Tommaso Iozzo


The areas of intervention I deal with and my treatment model.My treatment model is based on cognitive psychotherapy, an approach characterized by strong scientific evidence, supported by thousands of empirical researches (Evident-Based Medicine) and  it uses modern third wave techniques, such as mindfulness, EMDR and applications of polyvagal theory (S. Porges, 2014) to modify emotions, thoughts, traumas, maladaptive behaviours that generate suffering.


Tommaso Iozzo


The working model I use with athletes draws fully from the tradition of sports psychology combined with a neurophysiological and neuroscientific approach. I use the latest generation tools such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, virtual reality in a theoretical framework that includes elements of mindfulness, cognitive psychotherapy and sensory-motor psychology to work on improving the athlete’s performance. Aimed at athletes, families and staff.


Tommaso Iozzo


My working methodology derives from the experiences accumulated over the years: the neurophysiological imprint of my work in research, my study trips to American academies, the almost ten years of attending the WTA tour, my training as a cognitive psychotherapist and tennis coach, my curiosity for new technologies.

The course for athletes involves objective monitoring of my work through test and physiological measurements, to guarantee a scientifically validated quality of it.

My education allows a constant and unavoidable alternation between classroom training and fieldwork.


Tommaso Iozzo


The coaching services, that I and my team offer, are aimed exclusively at professional players, junior players of national interest and college-registered players in the USA. The player can be assisted full time or during preparation in the off season. Check it out for our “active services” and join our team!

Have fun!